About Spoon Food Tours

You’re traveling. Your Spanish is así así. You confidently order what you think is Mofongo and are served intestine soup instead (Mondongo). Whoops! This is where Spoon Food Tours comes in to save the day.

We are a small, Puerto Rican, family-owned-and-operated business committed to reinvigorating our island’s economy and agricultural heritage. Founded by Paulina and Gustavo Antonetti, we run personalized, boutique food tours with friendly local guides.

Taking a San Juan food tour with us is like spending time with in-the-know foodie friends. Like you, we love to travel and know how hard it can be to sniff out great food. You’ll enjoy the full attention of our guides and walk away with the best advice of what to eat, see, and skip throughout the course of your stay. This is where our tours really stand apart – we limit the number of guests on our food tours precisely so that you can interact with the guides and other guests.

By frequenting establishments that use local, sustainably-sourced ingredients, we support the people who need us most: The fisherman, the farmers, the chefs, and the islanders. Food tastes better when it is grown locally and it feels better too.

We make it our business at Spoon to ensure that our guests walk away feeling full, fulfilled, and loving Puerto Rico. Come get to know us over a meal!