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Ají for You and Me

Pulpo Ajimojitos

On a recent afternoon, we had the pleasure of escaping to the nearby mountains of Comerío, a lovely rural town an hour south of San Juan. Sure, we love the city but it was so refreshing to breathe in some fresh, cool air, especially after the sticky, sultry summer. San Juan seems like a megapolis compared…

Its Summer Time, Drink Up!

George + Death in the Afternoon

Gone are the days of vodka tonic and fake cranberry for mixing. Don’t get us wrong we do indulge in an occasional Cuba Libre or rum with fresh-squeezed juice (must be freshly-squeezed) but these days we tend to go for an old-fashioned, a classic twist on the Negroni or something prepared with lavender, lemongrass soda,…

Cocina Abierta Opens in Condado

Cocina Abierta Condado

  Cocina Abierta Condado After four successful years in the town of Guaynabo, a suburb of San Juan, Cocina Abierta has relocated. Chef & owner Martín Louzao, has decided to move his popular restaurant to the trendy neighborhood of Condado, popular with tourists and locals, thanks to…